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Unusual Pet Claims


A list of the most unusual pet injuries have been realised and some of the claims you would have never thought of. Or maybe your pet has done the same in the past? In the past year, more than £2m have been paid out on 10,000 pet claims.

The top 5 most unusual pet claims:

  • One cat was found with his left paw caught in a hinged toilet seat, where he was left hanging for some time. This resulted in a very swollen paw and a number of open wounds
  • An English Bull Terrier was eager to investigate something in the back garden so he ran straight into glass sliding doors, shattering the glass in the door. The poor dog received stitches for the cut under his eye.
  • A Birman cat fell into a pot of acrylic paint and started to try and clean herself up. The cat ended up being sedated and shaved with a very thorough medical examination after ingesting paint.
  • A Staffordshire Bull Terrier was very committed to returning a stick from the ocean to her owner; she swallowed a large amount of sea water. The dog required a vet to aspirate the fluid in her lungs and air in her stomach.
  • Lastly, a thirsty Tibetan Terrier Cross decided to get in on the action when her owner’s glass of wine fell onto the ground and smashed. This resulted in a visit to the vet to remove glass from her mouth and stomach pumped.

These are the most unusual claims but the most common/expensive claims are:

  • Traumatic injuries (hit by a car or attacked by other animals)
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Cancer treatments
  • Tooth extractions
  • Bladder stones
  • Skin abscess, inflammation or pressure ulcers

We never want any of these incidents to happen to our well-loved pets but accidents happen. So make sure you have pet insurance to cover the unexpected costs. George Williams offer pet insurance, get a quick quote from our friendly team online or call us on 01745 798987.

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