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At George Williams Insurance Services we know that choosing the right office insurance can be difficult, and often time-consuming. That’s where our expert team can help. We are a team of real people, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” online system. Therefore, we can give you detailed advice that is specifically catered to you and your needs.

Our Office and Surgery Insurance has been designed to meet the specific needs of a large spectrum of industries. These could include; accountants, barristers, call centre owners, vets, doctors and much more.

What could be included in our policies?

Your employees, clients, business equipment and stock all need protecting if you run an office or a surgery. Your insurance can cover the basics, or as much as you need.

Our insurance policies have various different options that you may need to consider to cover everything you would like to protect.

Contents insurance: Damage, loss or theft can affect the contents of your premises, therefore you need to make sure these are protected. Therefore it is important that you correctly record the value and specification of your contents when you are getting a quote.

Stock cover: If you keep any stock at your business property, you will need to ensure that this is all identified and insured separately from the contents of your premises.

Buildings insurance: The property itself, whether it be an office or a surgery, need to be insured against any risk which could possibly occur, such as; fire or flooding. This means that if you own the premises you are responsible for this, however, if you rent, you are probably going to be covered through your landlord.

Fixtures and fittings cover: You will need to also make sure that the fixed items in the property are insured. This can include; sales counters, kitchen units, store and carpets.

Shop front cover: Depending on whether your premises are exposed at the front, you can also have the option of adding this cover to your policy. This can include protection for; windows, signage and awnings.