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Many of the popular comparison sites can offer pet insurance policies for your pets: cats, dogs, rabbits and horses, and therefore some people tend to take out the cheapest option given, but then have to pay an extortionate excess, or pay for the medical care themselves. Or in some cases, pet insurers will pay the vet directly.

The aim of pet insurance policies is to make sure that your costs are covered in the event of an injury or illness. If you do not have the right protection for your loved one, you could be faced with the heart breaking choice of finding money for the medical fees or having your beloved pet put to sleep. Having pet insurance can help you avoid these difficult decisions.

However, at George Williams Insurance Services all we ask for is some basic information about your pets and their previous medical history. We will then shop our panel of insurers to find you high quality cover at a great price. When taking out pet insurance, it’s important to know that there are two main types of cover:

Annual Pet Insurance:

Lifetime Pet Insurance:

Did you know? As of 6th April 2016, you need to have your dog microchipped by law.