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Landlords and Unoccupied Property

Whether you own or rent out a single residential property, or a full portfolio of shop, office, surgery or warehouse space, we can offer you a quality insurance package at a price to suit your budget.

We’ve been providing landlord insurance to people all over the UK for almost 30 years! By taking your policy out through us, you can relax in the knowledge that your investment will be protected. We have several additional cover options available. Furthermore, our specialists may think of cost implications that you might not be aware of. That could include the unauthorised use of water/electricity/gas, or the cost of refilling fire extinguishers.

Commercial Property Owners

Property used for business purposes can come in all manner of shapes and sizes. The level of protection you need depends on your property type, location and the nature of work your tenants undergo. Commercial landlord insurance is not just about covering you in case of fire, flood or everyday unfortunate events. This specialist type of insurance can cover you for a potential loss of rental income after an incident like this. It can also cover the cost of subsidising or replacing contents that might be damaged or stolen.

Residential Property Owners

At George Williams Insurance Services, we have access to great rates for property owners from one buy to let property to a whole portfolio of properties. Choosing the right level of cover is just as crucial as finding the right tenant for your premises – you need to make sure you’re still profiting from your investment after day-to-day costs.

Property owner insurance is more than a standard home insurance policy. If an unexpected fire, flood or act of terrorism happened, you could be at risk if you fail to get the right level of cover. Unfortunately, this could result in a significant financial loss. Our team can help keep costs down but still get you the right cover.