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Stop burglars having a jolly Christmas!

Christmas time is a burglar’s favourite time of year as they know houses will be full of expensive gifts for loved ones.  So we have put together some tips to keep you safe this Christmas and minimise the chances of you being a victim.

  1. Put your ladders away – after you have put your Christmas lights out, remember to put your ladders away. Many people would leave them out and put them away another time. However, this will give burglars easier access to any upstairs windows that may have been left open.
  2. Lock windows and doors – When your lights are being put up or you have guests coming round, you may unlock windows and doors that we don’t normally use. Or, you may not close them close them properly if you have fed a cable through for the outdoor lights. Remembering to lock everything up again can be overlooked when you’re in the Christmas spirit.
  3. Don’t advertise your presents – If you’ve got piles of presents under the tree or open all over the front room, close the curtains. This will stop any opportunistic burglars getting their pick of the latest gadgets and toys to sell on.
  4. Don’t brag on social media – Many people publish their festive schedule on social media and post their presents online for everyone to see. Criminals love searching through social media to see who’s not going to be in and how long for.
  5. Remember your alarm – When you’re in a good mood or if you’ve had a little bit too much to drink, your normal routine can quickly be forgotten. Don’t forget to set the alarm, no matter what you’re up to. Also if you normally hide a spare key somewhere, you may want to think twice at Christmas as burglars will be looking for one to gain easy access.

Christmas tree with presents and fireplace with stockings --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

So this Christmas, make sure you stay secure to avoid any heartache. In the unfortunate event the worse happens, make sure you are protected. We have great levels of cover with our home insurance! Our Home and Contents Insurance has great benefits, covering even your wedding and civil partnership gifts. If your celebration or religious festival gifts were to be lost or damaged, rest assured that our policy should compensate for 10% of content value.

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